Oct 27

This domineering brunette throws her slave down onto the floor for some hot erotic facesitting and begins to wiggle her ass, using his face to get off. Then she bends over and drags him by his leash into her butt. She brings his head to the edge of the bed and stands with her crotch on his face. She tests his lung capacity with prolonged smothering and finds him lacking.

She yanks that leash ruthlessly as he struggles for air, she smothers him some more on the couch and grinds her pussy on his face until she nearly has an orgasm! She then kicks him down to the ground for some serious ass worship and kissing and shoves his head into her ass and commands him to feast on her ass.

Oct 26

This babe begins in introducing herself and showing off her heavy round tight plump. Her thick thighs and rounded butt cheeks spread, revealing her glorious holes as she disdainfully commands you to worship her. She removes her panties and forces you to get right into the goodies. She parts her ass cheeks and tells you to come closer so you can get a good look at her sweet luscious holes.

She will drive you to your knees by grinding and thrusting her fabulous ass right into your face as she instructs you as to just how she demands that her tight rounded butt be properly serviced. She’ll flip around to bounce her heavy ass cheeks on your head and force you to stretch your long tongue out to spear her asshole.

Oct 24

While her husband had been at work, this curly haired milf realized that he had forgotten his mobile phone at home. She took the liberty of listening to his voicemail messages and didn’t like what she heard! There were too many messages from his other woman. She was pissed and couldn’t wait for him to get home! On arriving home she challenges him, and he denies her accusations, saying it’s just his work colleague. She doesn’t believe him and decides to mete out some instant punishment.

This milf has a great body and she showed him that she’s still in shape by grappling him to the floor and facesitting and smothering him, just to vent her anger and suspicions. Ignoring his pleas of innocence, this mad babe crushes him with pins, hand over mouth smothers, and forces him to lick her ass and pussy until she’s satisfied. When she’s finished she rides his face with her dripping wet ass and pussy while she wanks and blows him, but she denies him the ultimate pleasure, forcing him to jerk himself off to completion over her body, something she enjoys and while on the other hand, he finds it so humiliating!

Oct 23

This BBW is in a sexy mood and expects her man to appreciate her efforts to entice him. Unfortunately for her he’s just not interested. Incredibly he’s claiming to be tired! Incensed by his refusal, she gives him no choice, flinging him to the floor and ordering him to pleasure her by licking her sopping ass and pussy while she rides on his face.

This mistress takes total control, smothering and facesitting him relentlessly, at times hardly giving him the opportunity to breathe. The more excited she gets, the more forceful and demanding she becomes, she knows what she wants and she knows she’s going to get it! Her total domination sees her force him to fuck her before she degrades him with the ultimate humiliation. While still straddling his face she sucks and jerks him to an explosive forced orgasm against his own will.

Oct 22

This cougar was conducting interviews of applicants for vacancies in her company. An applicant arrives late and she’s not happy with it. When he questions her, she explains that she has a very stressful job, and one of his duties will be to help her relieve her stress. She orders him to lie down on the couch, and promptly begins to facesits and smothers him with her ass and pussy, grinding both orifices into his mouth and face. It’s clear she expects her potential new recruit to accommodate her domineering attitude.

This lady adores having men beneath her, so he forces him to eat her pussy to the point where she climaxes, and then further degrades him by forcing him to cum too. After ass-smothering and riding his face with her dripping wet pussy, she brings the interview to its conclusion by jerking and sucking him to an explosive forced orgasm. She keeps pumping his cock until she had milked every drop of jizz, and dignity, out of him. In the end, she told him that he definitely got the job!

Oct 21

The sexy and brunette seductress slithers through her slave by languorously grinding her ass and pussy into her sub’s face, who she forces to obey her. As she gets increasingly excited, she steps up the intensity by writhing her pussy into his face, bouncing up and down on him, forcing him to lick and kiss her down under, and crushing her ass into his mouth.

When she already had her orgasm, this vixen was ready to leave him with a face bruised and battered by her wet ass and pussy. But surprisingly he was so turned on by her dominance that he begs her to allow him to jerk himself off before she leaves. She gives her consent and stands over him, straddling him as he gazes up at the ass and pussy he’s been worshipping, abusing himself until he pumps out a huge cum-load in a degrading act of subjugation.
Oct 20

This ebony babe has a personal trainer which is an aggressive white man. He takes total advantage of her, screaming at her and belittling her at every opportunity he had. He thinks that this voluptuous babe is a born submissive who likes being insulted and degraded at every opportunity. But he goes one step two far during one particular exercise session.

He uses a self-defense lesson as an excuse to grab her thick ass and to execute his fetish craving. Trouble is he made one false presumption: this BBW is not submissive. Once she gets the upper hand, she decides to take her revenge by subjecting him to furious, strenuous facesitting punishment.
Oct 19

Three girlfriends were sitting around the dressing room getting ready for a photo shoot when suddenly they become itchy for some kinky excitement. Unexpectedly a pervert sneaks into their room in order to catch a peek of the girls at their best. These lovely ladies catch him peeping out through their costumes they decided to teach him a lesson. They drag him into another chamber and force him to lays across the floor.

The plan is to rob him of all breath, bring him close to the point where he dies off. These girls have all sorts of creative ideas: The sit on his face while wearing crispy white panties, then subject him to cruel torment. The perverted guy pleads that he just wants to see their naked bodies while changing costumes but there is no way either of these girls will accept his reasoning out for any reason other than to hurt him. Just look at the way his nose and mouth disappear beneath these gorgeous ladies’ butt cheeks.
Oct 18

This hot young beautiful mistress has a facesitting and smothering fetish. She love to smother her slave while she teases his cock relentlessly with her hands and feet, stroking him and asking if he wants to come but totally denies him until she rides his face to multiple orgasms! She proceeds to facesits him making him vibrate his nose and tongue so she can pleasure herself sexually using his face.

After the exhausting facesitting warm up, she begins to smother him.This girl feels so comfortable sitting his face, smothering a male victim and while he struggles for air it turns her on even more leading to more struggling for air. Finally after she is worked up she uses his tongue and nose to have orgasm after orgasm!
Oct 17

This mistress orders her slave onto the castigation table and begins to smother him relentlessly with full weight, forward and reverse smother, making sure he stays down for extended periods of time. She begins to tell him to look at her ass and whenever he sees her butt, he will fall to his knees to worship, adore and kiss it.

She tells him she has some new treatment for him and starts to slap him repeatedly, harder and harder, telling him that every time he gets slapped, the more turned on he will become. Finally, she takes out a riding bit and mounts the poor guy for some hot erotic equestrian riding, where she begins to enjoy it thoroughly to the point where she had an orgasm!

Oct 16

Big beautiful, voluptuous, naturally dominant and she wants to smother a face and have her ass worshipped. Unfortunately for this guy, he was the slave for the day and was left no choice but to oblige to her. She commands him to flick his tongue into her nasty hole and nuzzle his face into her butt cheeks while she flips and reads her favorite magazine.

She makes him stick his tongue out and repeatedly slides her asshole onto it and tells her slave never take out his tongue out of her hole. As she casually reads a magazine while his tongue was buried deep into her crack, she was becoming more and more annoyed by his continual need for air so she begins to punish him by making him suck her hole for all he’s worth until he pleasures her and makes her orgasm.

Oct 14

It’s club night and this hot blonde babe wants to enter the competition for the girl in the sexiest outfit. She’s wearing a really sexy colored white Barbie doll outfit with a black lining to accentuate her curves more. She asks her boyfriend what he thinks and he says that is just great for the bedroom but she’s not going out in it! Hot blonde is mortified and, when he ignores her pleas, she decides to punish him for his boring indifference.

She wrestles him to the floor and proceeds to make him regret his error; riding his face, forcing him to lick and kiss her ass and pussy with excruciating schoolgirl pins, facesitting and smothering. He pleads for forgiveness but she ignores him as she’s beginning to enjoy herself; straddling his face and crushing her ass and pussy into it until she satisfies herself.

Oct 13

Sizzling blonde mistress has a sadistic domineering attitude and sexuality about her that’s just cannot be described by words! Her poor slave doesn’t have any idea that he is up for some forced butt worship and lots of nasty hole licking action! On no time, she’s on her hands and knees, hauling him by his leash and forcing him to worship her ass.

She begins by leaning up against the couch and has her slave tongue fuck her ass, licking up and down her ass cheeks and pumping his tongue deep inside her ass! He worships her pale posterior and smothers himself in her upturned booty. She moans and cries out ecstatically; sending a good indication that she is happy with his performance.

Oct 12

Dominant ebony beauty is ready to go out and have some fun but her partner’s not ready, and getting grumpier by the second at the thought of getting his lazy ass up and into gear! This bitterly disappoints and aggravates her, so she vents her frustrations out on him. Getting him onto the floor, she facesits and pins him with her thick ass and pussy, forcing him to lick and kiss them to her pleasure and content.

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Oct 09

This gorgeous, sexy and slim babe is trying to relax from a long trip and calls room service for a personal servant. An obliging and polite man arrives as her house servant. This dominant girl tells him to obey all her commands and to oblige her every whim. At first the house servant agreed in anything she says. She takes control immediately by throwing him down onto the couch and begins to sits on his face.

She is a hardcore facesitter and when she sits down on a man’s face, she is not coming up for a long time! She brings his head to the edge of the couch and sits with her crotch on his face. She gave him a forward smothering and makes him accept longer periods of time until he passes out! She keeps him alive and commands him to don’t stop worshipping and eating her ass.