Oct 07

In this episode, you will be treated with lots of close-up views of this chic’s hot ass and pussy coming directly at you and in your face; so close to the real thing that you can actually feel like you really are there with this striking mistress. You can practically feel the heat radiating from her sweet holes and feel her full body weight trapping your breath.

She will tease and tantalize you with her amazing ass. She rubs her hole to present it to you to sniff and lick. She parts her cheeks and demands you to tongue probe her tasty hole. This vixen will instruct you the proper way to serve as her toilet paper and she will sit on your face so you can get a nice face full of her ass.

Oct 06

This sadistic vixen is smothering her boytoy nearly to unconsciousness. His desperate gasping seems to generate some pity as she unshackles him. But it turns out she only wants him on his hands and knees worshipping her ass. He sucks her asshole until she turns on him and pushes him back. He was stroking his cock something she has forbidden! She slaps his dick several times, making him cry out.

She continued grinding and pushing her butt cheeks down on his face. Then she sees him playing with his cock again. Now she’s mad! She beats his cock angrily, but when she notices it only getting harder, she grabs his balls and pulls until he screams. But still she is pissed to go easy on him. She grabs his head and savagely grinds it into her cunt. Then she leans back over his body and orders him to eat her ass and make her cum.

Oct 06

She dragged her slave into the floor by his leash, telling him he’s now her personal cleansing wipe. Without hesitation, she pulls her panties aside and plants her thick ass over his nose and orders him to feed from her dirty hole. Hesitatingly he had no choice but to comply. Slowly her panties disappear so she can go for the full nude facesitting and reverse facesitting.

She bounces her ass on his face with nose breaking viciousness, while crushing his spirit with disgusting verbal humiliation. She continued facesitiing him, forcing her ass wiper to stretch his tongue to its limit to reach her inner anus. She threatens to piss down his throat as she bounces and grinds if he will not do good on what she is demanding on.

Oct 05

This blonde vixen forces her slave’s face deep into her pussy and ass, seemingly on a mission to make his face and tongue permanently meld with her beautiful puckered butt-crack. She is kneeling on the couch and her butt-cleaner is feverishly licking her ass. Alternating between smothering him and demanding tongue worship, she grinds and crushes his nose and mouth as she works her way into orgasmic frenzy.

She is pushing her cheeks hard against his face and tells him repeatedly that she wants to hear him gasping for air as his tongue flicks and strokes on her crack. Her slave sputters and gasps as more face riding ensues. She squeezes his nose shut with her pussy lips until his lungs reach the breaking point. She laughs at his plight and demands for more.

Oct 04

This mistress drives her slave crazy with a cock tease and denial. She forces him to make her pussy and asshole nice and wet. At first, she bundles him to the floor and begins to make him regret his indiscretions towards her! Then she strokes his cock to the absolute brink of exploding only to stop. The poor slave is begging and begging, but it falls on deaf ears.

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Oct 01

On the floor with her ass-cleaner between her legs, she slowly strips out of her panties before teasing him by dancing her crotch above his nose. When her wide hips finally descend, he knew she means business. She bounces her ass and forces him to clobber and suck her holes and for this she nearly gives her boytoy a whiplash. She groans with excitement as he gasps for oxygen.

She tests his lung capacity with extended bouts of smothering. His gasps excite her and she demands him to continue licking her pussy and asshole during neck cracking sessions of facesitting and reverse facesitting. He eagerly obeyed her by making his tongue speedily whips in and around her holes. In the end, she moans and cries out ecstatically as she builds up to an explosive orgasm.

Sep 30

Almost nude and with a body to die for this sexy babe is enjoying the nastiest ass worship, ass sniffing and pussy licking she has ever had. On this occasion, she wants to know if her new man can handle her sadistic side. As soon as she spreads her ass, we were treated for some outstanding close- ups of her sweet hole as he sniffs and licks her in anyway she demands

She viciously moves her tight butt up and down on this guy’s face. Then wiggles and shakes her ass while smothering him. She furiously whips her pussy and ass cheeks across his face bouncing erratically then grinding her ass deep down into his face. Soon as her rising passion escalates she tells him not to stop and rides his tongue to a screaming orgasm.

Sep 29

Nothing but up-close scenes of asses and pussies right on your face is what this chic has to offer. So close, you can feel the body heat radiating from this goddess. So relentlessly real, your breath will be trapped under the weight of her flesh. This babe’s add come straight at you with lots of intense facesitting and ass worship action.

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Sep 28

In the living room, this vixen straddles this poor guy and impishly asks him if he’s a pussy. He tries to say no as her shaved crotch descends upon his face. Wearing her lavender g-string, this babe totally enjoys smothering and dominating this poor gasp man. She force’s his nose and mouth into her ass and make him inhale and swallow her farts as well as smothering him mercilessly.

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Sep 28

Things get so hot and steamy in this episode; your monitor might fog up! This hot brunette gets on her hands and knees and spreads her ass cheeks really wide. Her boy toy’s vision is one of pure sweetness as he gaze upon her ass and pussy. Her slave is only too eager to dive in but she commands that he have to look first. And with that she spreads her cheeks even wider showing everything possible to the max.

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